Ultram Glass specializes in commercial glass work but boasts a wide portfolio covering also industrial and residential projects. 


Basic processing - cutting and edging -

Our factory deals with multiple types of processing methods, the most basic one standing as Cutting to size and Edging according to your needs.

We offer CNC Cutting which can be performed on multiple types of glass, up to 3300 x 6100 mm, and 18 mm thickness for multiple types of flat glass (see catalog), as well as perform Laminated Glass cutting, which would provide with a clean cut according to your needs post-facto to the lamination process.

Additionally, we also offer Edging for both standard and non-standard shapes, with angles of up to 45 degrees. The process is, just as well, available for both flat, non-processed glass and laminated options.


Lamination - EVA and PVB -

Above all, we specialize in Glass Lamination. We offer two types of lamination processes that we can run in parallel, namely EVA lamination and PVB lamination.

Both types of lamination have their advantages and disadvantages, and our team will be happy to consult you in choosing the best option for your project. Towards that, we also offer a wide array of glass types (up to 2500 x 6100 mm), films, as well as different textures, films, prints etc. that you can combine within EVA lamination process.

You may browse all these options in our catalog, combine and apply as you wish, and send us your request / project enquiry so that we may discuss further details and/or consult you.



Beyond everything, we also present the services of our state of the art Glass Engraving Machine. Able to process glass of sizes up to 2500 x 3000 mm and 18 mm thickness, this is ideal to bring your decorative glass fantasies to life.

Contact our team to discuss design options that we would be able to help you with (file editing / photo sourcing) or forward us a file that you'd like to see come to life and we will get back to you and make sure we can make it a reality.

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